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by S.L.I.P

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released October 11, 2016

recorded at the Braddock Hit Factory. LP out soon on Sorry State Records



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Track Name: 5:45 AM
5:45 AM
Creeping dawn coming up again
Still dark and wet
Dew setting up on the lawn
Shovel’s in the shed
Lightly tread on the grass
Two foot prints left behind
one stamped one dragged

Behind white lines moving fast
under bald R16’s 4 and a hole on the floor
Rust and gravel bits
Grace your face
You’re tied
But still alive
Indents in the skin
Rope fragments settle in

And you start to wake now
The rag vapors fade down
That knot doesn’t seem to hold
(but don’t let him know you’re free)
Biding your time

Lure him
Slice him
His vision dims
Dry heave from his fumes, you win then blackout
Track Name: Boys In Blue
It doesn’t matter if you go in good or bad
A bastard comes out every time
A force of disgrace the face of control
The endless cycle

Of fear and shots
Sirens in the night
run our streets
Boys in blue the enemy

Faceless keepers of the rich
Always protected by their word
No justice just sacrifice
They play

on fear and shots
Sirens in the night
run our streets
Boys in blue the enemy

Never trust a cop, he’s just a snitch in uniform

Boys in blue
In uniform
Boys in blue
They run our streets
Boys in blue
They dig our graves
Take 100 lives for every one they save

Never trust
Track Name: No Hope for the U.S.A.
There’s no hope for the USA
We’re the joke of the world
Care more about who’s commie and gay
Than coal dust and nuclear waste

Don’t get me started on the left
Everyone cares until they’re rich
Fat and safe and full of fear
Why even participate?

The Fascist comeback
Cheap oil
Armchair liberals
The perfect storm of human trash