Songs of Love Ideals and Peace

by S.L.I.P

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recorded at the Braddock Hit Factory


released June 29, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Night Riders
Throw it in the back
close up the lock
take the corner slow
don’t wake the cops

keep the pressure low
tie the bag tight
don’t look em in the eye
don’t want to start a fight

cause we go
where the rats won’t
with dirty nails
and overcoats

in the alleys
the shadows are your friend
make it out by dawn
and we do it all again

We are the night riders
We are the night riders
all masked up with blacked out blinders
dusk falls and you can’t find us

screw on lid
give the can a shake
open it slow
but don’t hesitate

pour it down the sewer
don’t let it touch your hands
ring out the rags
dump them in the sand

make the flint spark
flame in your hand
one step closer
to the promised land

watch it flicker out
down 20 flights
don’t forget to shield your eyes
cause we’ll bring the dark to the day
we’ll make you feel so safe
cut the locks
shower of sparks
kill the lights
we’ve made our getaway

Night Ride
Track Name: Used Up
I’m so sick of being used
on my back I’m your best screw
revenge is sweet but on who?
hurt yourself but I hurt too

Only pretend
only pretend
this feeling isn’t real

I’m the one you can ignore
boy toy in the closet door
he stormed off all annoyed
call me in to fill your void

Only pretend
only pretend
this feeling isn’t real

your love to me
pleasures in

Woke up alone were you here?
wet sheets but it’s not tears
desire burning 10 missed calls
now I’m on your trophy wall

Only pretend
only pretend
this feeling isn’t real

the things to say are hard to trust
mind’s degrading into rust
picking scabs and open wounds
he’s inside I’m in the waiting room

Track Name: Double Shots
Double shots you put them down
all juiced up shouting loud
the keys slip into your hand
you hold the wheel
crank it up
tires peel
its makes you feel like a man

are they stars or lights you can’t tell
flying by the glare and haze
down shift and crush a can
lose control
pavement slips away

You Can’t remember
But can’t seem to forget
didn’t feel the impact
it’s your booze stained blood on your back
don’t feel like yourself numb from the pain
the other life you took now who’s to blame?

Made a choice
went too far
reflection stares
your life behind bars
Track Name: Daddy's Little Girl
beyond repair

He runs his hands over you again
Right from wrong you’re too young to know
and the scars he can hide
when he dresses you right
the other kids will never know

threatens to cut you up if you tell
plays it off as your bad dreams
your choice of a house of bondage
or a padded cell
no one listens to Daddy’s little girl

beyond repair

you know where he keeps it
looking for a way out
do what it takes it’s just one pull

Daddy’s gone to hell
Track Name: Institution
I can’t comply anymore
to your institution
your rules
you contradict
your words
fascist prick

going back on what you said
self serving force fed
shallow life and hollow heart
I see what you are

working people like slaves
no remorse and depraved
wicked tongues lashes out
I see what you are

I can’t comply anymore
to your institution
your rules
you contradict
your words
fascist price

pen pushing power hold
always do what you’re told
reach the bottom soul is sold
I see what you are

create suffer create pain
doesn’t work you push the blame
wonder why we curse your name
I see what you are

I can’t comply anymore
to your institution
your rules
you contradict
your words
Track Name: Frick Park
Maybe it’s Ok
just this one time no one has to know
meet me at Braddock and Forbes
7 o’clock
the park is always dark this time of year

past the swings and down the trails
where the dogs run loose
under the bench
wrap your legs around my neck
oh no one has to know

a lovely night for a frick fuck
Track Name: Warfare
dressed in black saying their goodbyes
to another hero wrapped in a flag
a war so far away
seems a little too close to home
they can promise peace
but will you live to believe?

clean up

pulled from a dying town
new family new uniform

yes sir
i do

trained to work the machine
sniper hits sight unseen

shot clean

they’re the ones who own you now